Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Mighty Armies

hmm well, the google has done something, guess this is new and "improved' Personally i don't like it. Got to find a way to get back to the old template or whatever it was called.

anyhoo here is a pic of the Battle Board i made for playing MA. It is 2'x2' and has discrete quadrants marked on it, as well as the standard 6" out deployment zones.

Particularly crappy pictures of my first game using the Pirates black powder rules.
 I don't have any proper pirate minis YET, but do have some Battle Honors ACW from a stalled out project that may never see completion. The odds of it not being completed raised dramatically once enough slouch hats were sorted out to make up this force.
First i would like to say the Battle Honors ACW that I have are CRAPPY. Some of them look like they had a fuzzy primer job, even before any primer was applied. Some of them have holes in their backs at the belt line. None scream "paint me" "paint me" 
The last few things I have painted up have been from Splintered Light,(which are fabulous) so it was a chore. However I wanted to play with the new rules, and this was what was on hand. Lesson Learned no more Battle Honors for me. I was surprised at the lack of quality and good poses since I had read great reviews of  the BA ACW from people who should know.

enough of that rant and on to the game.
The back story for this army is that a dimensional rift allowed a bunch of Oranj Mountain HobGoblins to come to 1800's USA. They ran amok, till a County Militia put them down, then entered the rift themselves to put a stop to the HobGoblin's nonsense. In this battle the HobGoblins were handed a swift defeat despite killing the County Militia's commander in turn 3. I certainly didn't help that the HobGoblins rolled a 2 for Movement points in all but one turn of the 4 turn game.

Note the smoke markers: they were made by cutting a piece of floor "tile" smearing an irregular line of adhesive  smashing a cotton ball on it then pulling most of the cotton ball off.

 In the end the Veteran County Militia Cavalry saved the day routing the final unit necessary to win off the board. Thats what happens when you barely make it off your base line.

Sorry for the crappy pics, I'll try to stage some better images another time.

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