Monday, April 21, 2008

Rebel Mini Spetnaz

Picked up some Rebel Mini 15mm's at Cold Wars. The red ops 5 battle box and a couple packs of spetnaz. I wanted the spetnaz to add support weapons to a 50 bag of OG guys -w- M16s and berets. The Spetz come 12 to a pack for $6.50 3 ea of 3 poses 2-w- AK's, 1 -w- RPK. Also 2 rocket launchers and a guy -w- a pistol, (i'll probably paint a red cross n his bag and make him a medic)
Since i'm planning on using these for Star Grunt 2 they are painted -w- a generic black uniform -w- a "urban cammo"smock and a red beret. The idea being the red beret guys are like the red shirts in Star Trek. Generic support troopers -w- no extra gear to help them survive such as body armor.
Over all i'm happy -w- them, a couple of the minis were poor casts but salvageable, the worst is pictured below separate from the group shot. They are a little tall, closer to 18 than 15mm as are the zombies however the special forces figures from the Red Ops 5 battle box look to be true 15mm's???
I noticed on the Rebel Minis site, that the zombies are sculpted by Rodrick Campbell who also did the ATZ zombies that i also have and are 18mm. The 18mmish Spetz are credited to Tony Aldrich, but the 15mm Special Forces have no credit listed.
Whats the point of all this verbiage? None really, wanted to post the pics, thought it needed some sort of descriptive text to accompany same.
Would i buy more rebel minis? Sure why not, they are a little tall, but they are doing stuff no one else is, that i know of, and at a good price. AND AS ALWAYS click the image for a larger view.