Friday, February 18, 2011

Cold Wars Playtest

Here are some shots from a play test of one part of my Cold Wars game. Octopods VS UNEMA
United Nations Earth Mars Authority

more on the units etc later.
the number on the stand is the Elan of the unit, all measurements are made from the line on the front.

table by Dave.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GZG SG15-X1 - Xenomorphs

next up GZG SG15-X1 - Xenomorphs

Well what can i say other than these scream MAN IN RUBBER SUIT. The original purchaser did not have the heart to paint them after seeing the 2 poses so passed them on to me.

I gave them the heavy orangishred wash treatment no primer then one darker brownishblack wash, a dry brush, base treatment- finito.

i use a varying mix of acryllic paint, clear acrylic aka future, ink, and tap water to make my washes.

as always click the pic for a bigger view.

The Pit Demon is an earlier Cephalod attempt at gene splicing
not quite what they were going for. The project was abandoned and the cloning vats destroyed.
Recent Mining operations have "unearthed" a few hives.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

MARs 2021 Octopod Uprising

getting my forces together for the USE ME game i am putting of at Cold Wars this year -
first up the Octopod Uprising.
In my alternate reality, the Cephalods are the original sentient race on Mars. At this point they are making a resurgance formerly they were mostly underground having never fully recovered from their failed invasion of earth in the 1800's. The Octopods were bioengineered by the Cephalods using redmartian, and human DNA along with their own. Human settlers have taken to employing them due to their resilience to harsh atmospheres and innate technical abilities.
as always click on the pics for a bigger view. The Ocotpods are from the fine people at
and their wonderful, order which specific mini you want feature, on most of their lines. The only other place I know that does that is irregular, actually no there you get one out of how ever many poses of that say - afghan rifleman that they have. not quite as nice as at 15mm uk but i wish more people would offer it.
As it was i was able to choose this specific unit composition. The Cephalods are from
available in the US from after the game is over I will post the specific stats that i used to represent this force.