Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fall In etc etc

OK, so yeah here are some things i neglected to post. There are a lot of other things as well some of which can be seen in the Fall In pics but they are complete. Currently my focus is on painting a wall and getting Holiday Village rolling. Which brings me to pics from Fall In. GPT and I had an AK47 rematch of his Hereditary Benevolent Dictatorship -vs- my Warlord Uprising Army. Next are a couple from the Star Grunt game i put on. Which was mysteriously canceled but some unknown when we were scheduled on a table Pete BCC Panzilli or whatever you spell its crew was putting on a mega game and wanted to set up early. hmmmm... Never the less the game went on and fun was had by all. ------------------ Something has crashed near some poppy fields in South Western Orangistan near the border -w- Iranistan. The Mujhaden that control the area are not happy one bit. They've been having enough trouble with Iranistanian bandits crossing the border. The last thing they need or want are the Red Skull and other ODESSA nazis which have taken up residence in the lawless hills coming down to loot the wreckage. "Special Requirements :Mature and have at least read the SG2 rules which are a free download from " Here the Mujhaden have stumbled upon a Hitler Clone in the wreckage. End of turn 2 Iranistan truck bomb explodes releasing clouds of low hanging mustard gas. -------- BONUS some pics of my Warlord Uprising Army.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ariana and the sisterhood

Here we have Ariana and the sisterhood allies to the Red Skull. I painted just enough so in AK47 terms you have a General Stand -w- Bodyguard -and- enough foot troops for a Professional Unit with the requisite 4 RPGs. Sorry for the bad pics as usual.
First up Arianna and her staff
She is an Old Glory 15mm superhero and they are Peter Pig They were painted using a red wash over bare metal for the base coat. Next 3 Rebel Minis and a Martin Metals Civilians/staff from Rebel Minis and a token male Liaison from GZG the red dress is also the red wash over bare metal. Some GZG Ladies PeterPig female Hardened Milita more Peter Pig As an added bonus some Rebel Mini scourge painted -w- the red wash over bare metal.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

HiSTORiCON 2009 Red Skull -vs- the Haunted Tank

here are some shots in order from the game we ran at Historicon 2009 the RED SKuLL -vs- The Haunted Tank.
a write up is forthcoming... stay tuned

-Late 1944 NW of Bavarian redoubt
The Americans are closing in on the Red Skull. They have already captured the giant robot factory as well as the science team responsible. Therefore the American Objectives are to Destroy the Giant Robot and kill the Red Skull. The Red Skull wants to activate the Giant Robot, exit it off his board edge and kill allies. Soviets have ventured into the American Zone covertly to steal the Giant Robot and exit it off their board edge. They know that the Americans probably won’t shoot at them if they don’t shoot first. They also know that there has been ufo activity in the area and are on the lookout for any Alien captives or bodies. The Grey Aliens want to capture any/all Human command squad members. There are also Heer that begin the game guarding the Giant Robot and Industrial Zone. more later

Friday, July 24, 2009

Gearing up for AK47

Getting ready for some AK47, and whatever else requires militia, and what doesn't, etc first out some of the old glory african irregulars, nice, a tad tall but easy to paint. Next an assorted bunch a couple rebel minis, a QRF and a peter pig. rebel mini contractors/ militia command followed by the blobs that are the QRF egyptians. seriously this pack needs to be retired. To show how craptacular they are the last image is full size (click on it)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Step 9 tah dah

so spray black, flock -w- sand wash -w- ""martian" red" wash glue future wallpaper paste slurry fixative wash some more sand "dry" brush "metal" parts wash -w- ""martian" red" wash matte finish mars

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Step One some mars terrain, in the making

Monday, May 11, 2009

Red Skull

preparing for our Historicon Game "The Red Skull -VS- The Haunted Tank" in addition to finishing the varied camo schemes on some Assault Rifle and Panzer Faust wielding FOW minis that got shelved in varying stages of paint, i'm creating a Red Skull. Actually 2 Red Skulls. This is my first attempt at skulpting anything so small. My attempts at skulpting 28mm were failures so I expect the worst. I was pretty happy -w- these until it came to putting the heads that were made to "the same size" as FOW germans on OG Command Decision bodies.
Meh... they'll do.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hammer's Slammers etc etc++

Last update for a little, got more painted, but will drop that other shoe when the time is ripe. This time we have everything i've painted for my Hammer's Slammers unit so far, still have a plat of blowers and combat cars as well as a dozen GZG HS on skimmers to do. First - visors up. as you can see I changed basing between the first and second batches. I was doing 15mmx15mm squares, and now i'm doing #10 washers. Also changed basing material and colors somewhat. The #10 ones are a lighter uniform and armor, and use this water base wood putty elmers makes. the squares are darker and use sand for the flocking. In these pictures I like the older (square base) uniform scheme better, but in person the #10 uniforms look better to me. Jury is still out on the flock. The elmers dried up some, so I had to reconstitute it an it became a little more smooth than it used to be. ..and Visors Down ok so here are the auxillery troops, REMFs if you will, sans clamshell and helmet. They will also see duty as Non HammerSlammers REMFs as well. First we have the GZG cap troopers. followed by FOW German bailed tank crews and a couple old RAFM guys i got in a trade. Really like the RAFM guys for supply SGTs next should be the rebel mini earth force marines and QRF alpha and bravo squads...and at some point my collection of 15mm zombies.