Monday, January 24, 2011

USEME campaign game 1

Started a USEME campaign with our group. Loose map based thingy on a mining planetoid. The first game was a raid on an outlying supply depot. More werds later wanted to upload these while... Here is the overall scenario, this takes place on a mining asteroid in my alternate reality around the year 2017... Signals from earth became sporadic when the solar storms slowly increased in frequency and intensity. The cargo carriers runs became less frequent until they stopped. The last craft from earth was a year ago. It departed after a quick refitting and cargo exchange. Leaving rumors of an earth wracked by civil war and disasters natural and man made. Life continued on as usual for a while. A lot of the workers stay on the job for fear of the loss of the few needs that are met food water air. UNEMA and the 3 main corporations control most anything of value. There are some areas under individual or group control of varying morality, charismatic autocrats to town councils. Part of the Star port and Starport city, the slums, and back country.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

delayed pics various etc

So here are some pics from my phone, i've been remiss on updating many irons in many fires a few of the fires still lit, a couple have gone out. FIRST UP a couple from a Legend of the High Seas game everything painted etc by Dave. Here is a USE ME game put on by Den Various things I painted or based or finished in a spurt of activity NEXT we have two USE ME games Dave put on LASTLY fortress generica in progress and a view of the madness that is my werk area. So there you have it next up Octopods and possibly some pics from Holiday Village 2010, which looks a lot like Holiday Village 2009. In the werks are 15mm hammers slammers combat cars and blower tanks. GZG not-aliens, more UN Earth Force Marines. Gearing up for my Cold Wars USE ME game " Mars 2021 "