Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ORANJISTAN 2011 FallIn 2010 part 4

...yet more Might Armies

ok well, The First pic is of Blount Landing a 2x2 Mighty Armies "battle board" laid out for the  "The Sack of Port Argotta: Scenario from the Black Sea Pirates book. Also in that shot are the 3 armies i've specifically based for MA. Dark Elves, County Militia, and Bat Clan HobGoblins

 Last night we played a couple games First up was Dark Elves Vs The County Militia in the Sack of Blount Landing. This was the first outing of the DE, and first test (on my part) of the new DE rules. vs The Black Powder rules from " The Black Sea Pirates" Unfortunately I neglected to take pictures.

 The Black Powder rules as well as the new Dark Elf Spells give for some interesting tactical choices. More on that later.

The 2nd pic is of a game of the DE vs UnPainted Cave Imps, a late xmas present to Dave. I have no doubt that he will have them painted by the next battle. the "smoke" markers are the effect of the dark elf spell "Wall of Darkness" The Dark Elves have a couple of new spells that will force their opponent to use MP to dispel the effects, or allow themselves to be channeled. In the above pic, the "Walls of Darkness" are being used to protect the flanks of the Great Sword fronted group.

more later

Monday, May 07, 2012

Mighty Armies Dark Elves

In honor of my rereading the Elric Saga, and the forthcoming Dark Elf book....i present the Dark Elf Army

I am running a few hours of Mighty Armies at "the weekend" at the Continental next to Dutch Wonderland, Across from the Host at the end of June. More on that in the next post. Lets get to the pictures.

  the Black Sword
 General and Magic User
 Dragon Man

 Heavy Infantry AKA Heavy Swords
 Light Infantry

 Crossbows, 2 views
Pretty Nice everything you need in one swoop Stats here
hmm i need to line up mine like he picture on that page.....coming soon