Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mighty Armies: The Black Sea Pirates overview

The Black Sea Pirates is the latest expansion to the popular Mighty Armies game from Rebel Minis. This expansion allows you to incorporate Pirates and Pirate Hunters into your existing MA setting. It also includes 3 scenarios, and a campaign.
You will need the MA rule book in order to use The Black Sea Pirates. The first 7 1/2 pages are devoted to setting fluff, and some Pirate/Pirate Hunter lists. This part is very flavorful, and puts all the combatants into the Zatariel setting.
Next 3 pages list new ABILITIES and SPELLS. New Abilities include "Gunpowder Smoke" and "Rifled Weapons" along with others. The Spells, as well as the Abilities, have nautical themes. Some are variations on MA versions, but none of them appear to be game breakers.
Finally 5 pages are given to the scenarios and campaign. I have yet to use the campaign system that is in MA, but it looks very promising. The Black Sea Pirates adds another strategic location to the mix, Ruins.

Overall, i'm pleased with what's in The Black Sea Pirates. It definitely adds to Mighty Armies. Hopefully Mike will get the rest of units into his catalog. His blog mentioned them so they're in the pipe.
I have a couple questions about some of the Spells and Abilities, but plan to ask them at the MA forum.

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