Saturday, January 30, 2010

GZG Mechanized Infantry Platoon Pack

V15-PB5 Mechanized Infantry platoon box - 4 x Chariot APCs with various weapon options, plus 4 squads of 15mm SG infantry
as always click the images for a larger view. Here is a project that had stalled out while i tried to come up -w- a cupola MG which never transpired. Finally i gave up on that pipe dream and finished the Chariots off.
My pack consisted of
2 packs SG15-IF1 - Islamic Federation Infantry (helmets)
1 pack SG15-IF2 -Islamic Federation infantry (in keffiyeh)
2 vanilla Chariot Light APC
2 Chariot Light APC with missile or gun turret
I painted up 2 of each. V15-PB5 Mechanized Infantry platoon

Monday, January 18, 2010

Holiday Village

Well here is something I neglected to post earlier. Presenting Holiday Village. This is the first year for setting up the layout that doesn't involve our actual Christmas tree.