Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fall In etc etc

OK, so yeah here are some things i neglected to post. There are a lot of other things as well some of which can be seen in the Fall In pics but they are complete. Currently my focus is on painting a wall and getting Holiday Village rolling. Which brings me to pics from Fall In. GPT and I had an AK47 rematch of his Hereditary Benevolent Dictatorship -vs- my Warlord Uprising Army. Next are a couple from the Star Grunt game i put on. Which was mysteriously canceled but some unknown when we were scheduled on a table Pete BCC Panzilli or whatever you spell its crew was putting on a mega game and wanted to set up early. hmmmm... Never the less the game went on and fun was had by all. ------------------ Something has crashed near some poppy fields in South Western Orangistan near the border -w- Iranistan. The Mujhaden that control the area are not happy one bit. They've been having enough trouble with Iranistanian bandits crossing the border. The last thing they need or want are the Red Skull and other ODESSA nazis which have taken up residence in the lawless hills coming down to loot the wreckage. "Special Requirements :Mature and have at least read the SG2 rules which are a free download from " Here the Mujhaden have stumbled upon a Hitler Clone in the wreckage. End of turn 2 Iranistan truck bomb explodes releasing clouds of low hanging mustard gas. -------- BONUS some pics of my Warlord Uprising Army.