Saturday, April 25, 2009

QC PLO and Various "east Germans"

What more pictures??? yea well there are at least 2 more updates after this Hammer's Slammers, Rebel mini earth force marines and QRF SCI FI alpha and bravo teams...
Here we have the low tech element to the Islamic Republic Forces.
First up Quality Castings PLO Followed by QC, Irregular and some other mfg ""modern" "soviets"" or as i like to call them East Germans. They fit well -w- the GZG IF due to the elongated helmet, and doubly so because the QC ones are the same figures as the PLO except with different heads. I got all of the "modern soviets" at one of the HGMSE con fleamarkets. when i started deflashing them i got disgusted at the mostly poor quality and set them aside a few times. They are a prime example of minimalist painting,
1. prime in uniform color - grey
2. flesh - moccasin brown and flesh
3. helmets boots and "wood" - moccasin brown
4. web gear -Basil
5. weapon metal -black.

wash with my unpatented slurry of clear accrylic floor polish, black india ink, earth brown acrylic paint, and water.
tah dah.
problem is I still have as many more to paint, mostly support weapons for the "east Germans" oh and i did paint a lot more of them than pictured here this is just a smattering for flavor. Another "funny" thing (or not) as i was sorting through the bag to figure out what i wanted to use, it became apparent that this bag of figures were the cast offs of someone else putting together a "modern soviet" force. When I was finished with them I gave them to a friend who sorted through the cast off cast offs to put together his own "modern soviet" force. Now the cast off, cast off, cast offs or 3x++ refused figures are a sorry lot and if i used casualty figures instead of Star Grunt II skull chits they would be hammered into those.

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