Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hammer's Slammers etc etc++

Last update for a little, got more painted, but will drop that other shoe when the time is ripe. This time we have everything i've painted for my Hammer's Slammers unit so far, still have a plat of blowers and combat cars as well as a dozen GZG HS on skimmers to do. First - visors up. as you can see I changed basing between the first and second batches. I was doing 15mmx15mm squares, and now i'm doing #10 washers. Also changed basing material and colors somewhat. The #10 ones are a lighter uniform and armor, and use this water base wood putty elmers makes. the squares are darker and use sand for the flocking. In these pictures I like the older (square base) uniform scheme better, but in person the #10 uniforms look better to me. Jury is still out on the flock. The elmers dried up some, so I had to reconstitute it an it became a little more smooth than it used to be. ..and Visors Down ok so here are the auxillery troops, REMFs if you will, sans clamshell and helmet. They will also see duty as Non HammerSlammers REMFs as well. First we have the GZG cap troopers. followed by FOW German bailed tank crews and a couple old RAFM guys i got in a trade. Really like the RAFM guys for supply SGTs next should be the rebel mini earth force marines and QRF alpha and bravo squads...and at some point my collection of 15mm zombies.

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Vulture said...

Nice looking figures :)