Monday, March 12, 2007


This what i ordered from They are all Command Decision and 40% off until April. My customer experience with WarWeb has been fantastic, fast service, and clear communications.

1 x CDEG-2 Early German Rifflemen Pack #1
1 x CDEG-3 Early German Rifflemen #2
1 x CDEG-4 Early German Light Machine Gun Pack
1 x CDEG-7 Heavy Mortars(44-45)
1 x CDGC-2 Half Track Crews (44-45) 1 x CDEGC-1 Early German Tank Crews

1 x CD315 Kubelwagons (6 /pack)
2x CD305 - SDkfx 251/1,2,10 w/support weap.(3/pack)
2x CD305A - Sdkfz 251/7,16 Flame/Pioneer (3 / pack)
1x CD305C - SDkfx 251/1 w/rockets.(3/pack)
1x CD304 - SDkfx 251/1 (3/pack)
should have also bought
CDGC-06 Soft Skin Vehicle Crews
Duh, what was i thinking?
CDGI-06 Light Mortars (44-45)
CDEG-05 Early German HMG's
So that i could field other unit types.

CDGI-02 Riflemen (44-45) pack#1
To get more SMGs for CO stands.
CD303 Pz111 L or J (3 / pack)
So i field a full unit of PIIIs if i wanted to.

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