Friday, March 16, 2007

FiVE - 251's

The 251 in the CD305 - SDkfx 251/1,2,10 w/support weap.(3/pack) is different than the ones in the other packs. It has something extra on the rear passenger side seat. Possibly stowage. The stowage is not present in the other packs i received. However the FLASH is ! Being that i paid much less than the BattleFront $9 each i can live with the Flash. The pack CD305 - SDkfx 251/1,2,10 w/support weap.(3/pack) does not come with the front MG -w- shield so it really shouldn't be used for a a 251/1 Even though the pack says it can be. Of course if you could always put the HT crew MG gunner figure in there. There is also a big chunk of flash on the passenger side lower back panel that takes quite a bit of filing to flatten out. -but i did not get a good pic of it, unprimed lead doesn't always photograph well.

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