Thursday, August 26, 2010

Orangistan / Mars

Here is the debut of my new Martian mountains, also as found in Orangistan. + a special WIP image at the bottom. We played a couple 1k point FWC games, in the first which these pics are from Dave rolled me up after my attack stalled out due to failed command rolls. The last stand, In the second game I steam rolled Dave, making a ridiculous # of command rolls Here's a WIP shot, I had chopped up the MDF to use for mountains, and was covering it -w- a blanket, this is much better. FIRST they were painted with a mixture of Gesso and clear acrylic, and covered -w- sand Next they were coated with a wash of clear acrylic, craft paints and ink. and the sand touched up, They don't seem like they are going to "flake" much. gotta love that clear acrylic. Did both sides so...

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