Monday, July 14, 2008

"sovietesque" SMG platoon

GPT gave me some of his Command Decision Soviet extras so i painted them up to be a platoon of low tech militia or security forces or some such for StarGrunt, Metal Storm whatever. Note the non traditional uniform color. The spray can cap looked much more less red more brown sort of like the color the smg stocks are, but hey i wasn't about to strip them and start over. ... and now they are done, and that is what is important. Command Squad Squad 1 Squad 2 Squad 3 ---The command squad has a LMG -w- assistant, ATR team, 2 sappers, the CO and 2 more guys. Every other squad has a LMG, ATR team, 4 SMG troopers and a leader. Figure i can use the ATRs as snipers or... ------------------------------------- AS ALWAYS CLICK THE IMAGES FOR A LARGER VIEW.

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Brian said...

These'll work great as the militia for some ideological colony someplace.

One of the handy things about sci-fi is that no one can tell you that the plants on Deneb IV don't have red photopigments (and hence the reddish unis).