Saturday, June 23, 2007


so here are some werds. i need to update my list etc, have not done so due to massive building in prep for GPT visit which is now sadly over. During the "big push" i built
1 1 base "church" white building
2 2 story 4.5 base "industrial" buildings (mirror images of each other)
3 .5 base aka "team" base sheds
approx 20 trees
6 KO'd vehicle markers
2 grilles -w- crew
1 8.8cm puppchen AT option for my CO HQ
2 kubel wagens --------------------------- whew...
so my armored panzer grenadier company is mostly complete except decals, etc etc. however i am very close to having a complete 15/20mm "town".
in addition to those listed above i have previously built
3 3 story "row" haus
1 2 story mid east esque building
2 1 story 1 base houses
SO i feel i need...
1 factory
1 dorm 60mm x 100mm
combo set of similar
1 2 story store 60x60
2 2 story row haus 40x60
1 2 or 3 story administration building ( which i plan to make a sort of quadrangle -w- a 40x40 core -w- 40x40 quads -w- a 100 x 100 2nd and possibly 3rd level)
more trees and more explosions
so i've started 18 trees and 7 explosions

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