Wednesday, May 02, 2007


making a 223 out of a 222. The OG 222 pack comes -w- 3 222's, but an armored car patrol is 2x 222s and 1x 223. A 223 is the same chassis as a 222 but has an MG instead of the 20mm + MG, and an antenna. I think it has a different turret, but close enough for my purposes. Step one was easy glue a MG in the main gun spot. Step B manufacture an antenna, this was a little more difficult. Here we see it held together -w- superglue gel. i'll reinforce it -w- green stuff after it sets up. Here we are after being reinforced -w- Tamiya's version of green stuff. Yes it is not 100% historically accurate, but i'm satisfied -w- it .

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