Monday, November 01, 2010

ORANJISTAN 2011 FallIn 2010 part 1

Part 1 of an AAR of the USE ME game i ran at Fall In. This google blogger thing almost always jacks with any paragraph formatting anytime i edit anything so this will be done in parts. Also be warned some of the pics are crappy, and are smaller lower resolution than the better ones.
Ok, on to the game. First a couple other rule variations i made up.
Most all of my 15mm minis are individually based with magnets. I use metal larger bases to then match whatever whomever i'm playing.
For this I used 40 x 40 for the main leader, then an assortment for everyone else - whatever made sense. I wrote the Elan each Squad leader base.
In USE ME all movement shooting etc is measured from the Squad Leader only. The other stands in the squads had to touch their Leader base. Every 3 wounds took out a figure. Slightly different that the core rules in which individual figures are targeted.
Also if you are hit you get a chicken/supression regardless of if you take a wound. A unit can only get one chicken. A chicken/supression takes one action to shed, and is automatic.
I think thats it for variations from the USE ME rules as written.
We start out with a blurry pic of turn one, From the Top the UN enters coming from the border Iranistan.
Across the street in front of the UN APCs the Red Skull has dispatched the Oranjistani Regulars to get his truck of product.
on the Right in the hills the Red skull himself
Bottom Center The Greys have thier Dinosaurs grazing on the poppies under cover of the shield Saucer.
Left Iranistinian agitators and commandos rush the shanties.
The Mujhadden are throughout the entire; table take the first shot of the game - at dinosaurs, and miss. What the media crew films. The Red Skulls minions are sighted on the hills, but the Red Skull himself eludes being filmed as does the Red Skull player. Turn 3 i think
The UN has deployed against the Red Skull (secondary objective) and sends his empty APCs to shield them from the Media Crew.
The Greys are moving on from grazing, and recieving harassing fire from the Mujhadden.
Iransistinian regulars deploy from their hiding spot (a duce 1/2 parked in the middle of the board) and immediately jump and subdue a group of Aid Workers.
Whilst the Assasins take a loss to the Giant Ants lurking in the first shanty searched.
Abd el Kahjid taking advantage of the direction of the media crew opens up on the UN forces in the open. They have also opened the ant pen and the ants begin meandering out. The media crew is drawn to the ruckus between the Ants and the Assassins in the shanty.
a couple turns later, and unable to be seen in the pic the Assassins exit the building and attack the Handlers while the media crew films the whole thing. The Red Skulls Automon robotic minion squad and the UN trade wounds and chickens.


Astranagant said...

Well, of all the games I played at Fall-in, I'd say yours was the best run. That scenario was an absolute blast. Viva Iranistan!

Astranagant said...

The Iranistanian Assassins didn't take any casualties to the ants; when they tangoed with the News Minders they took their first casualty.

mwowm said...

I stand corrected, but they did a wound from the Ants or didn't they?

hmmm looking at the pics again, i think you are right.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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