Monday, November 01, 2010

ORANJISTAN 2011 FallIn 2010 part 3

Iranistani Regulars exit the table with their hostages. -------------- An upper shot of all the action described in the closeups. -- Turn Six Iranistani reinforcements arrive. (not that they need them) With the UN's laser focus on the Red Skull, and complete disregard for their primary objectives, Find the hostages, protect the medics ----------- Oranji Regulars and Mujhadden fire on the Iranistinian Helicopter as Abd el Kahjid's controller watches his little minions carry out his commands. ----- Showing the ultimate gall, the Assassins try to menace the media crew that is filming them into becoming hostages. When that doesn't work they decide to give an exclusive interview live on Media 7. ------ While the interview is going on the UN APCs flee the table running over a woman carrying a child in the process. Viewed live or in rebroadcast by the majority of the planet that still has electricity. --------- We ended the game there.
The clear winner was Iranistan, with the Skull 2nd, Greys 3rd with Mujhadden a close 4th, and the UN not finishing, something about the fleamarket and the Oranji Regulars refusing to fire on the Red Skull an Mujhadden (as per the anamosity table)
If the game had gone on I think that the Greys and Mujhadden would have tied for 3rd. They were close to shooting down the Helicopter, and the Dinos had a ways to go.
If any of the players wants to add anything to the narrative please leave a comment.

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