Monday, November 01, 2010

ORANJISTAN 2011 FallIn 2010 part 2

In an act of desperation the UN rams an APC into the iranistani regulars killing one, but failing to free the freshly captured medics.
The student agitators search this shanty and find one of the original Hostages.
In the background the Red Skull and UN keep trading wounds and chickens. Mujhadden pop out of one of thier tunnels and shoot the Grey Command Squad which was out of Saucer Shield range. ----------------------- Turn FIVE
KABLAMO, the Iranistinian persistent toxic gas truck bomb arrives. Killing a number of civilians including the other missing Hostage,
but giving birth to "Sajil" an Iranistinian super hero.
The UN APCs pull back to their squads hoping to pick up the wounded before they become kills. -- another shot of the explosion, Abd el Kahjid takes advantage of the chaos passes an order onto his ambush squad and they pour the fire on the Grey command team killing one and wounding another. ---------------- The Red Skulls shipment is safely driven off the table by a couple Oranji Regulars while thier buddies to teh left duke it out with the ants.
The Assassins wipe out the Media Handlers whilst the Media crew films the whole thing. -------

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