Monday, October 11, 2010

Orangistan 2011 Fall In 2010

So i'm running a game at Fall in. and the above image is of shanties I am building for same.
It is listed a Star Grunt, but whilst typing up the sheets for the sides i decided to do it using USE ME instead.
15mm uk will be represented in the minis used as will Old Glory command decision, Quality Castings, Irregular, Rebel, QRF, and GZG. for whatever thats worth.
S-320 - Orangistan 2011
The Red Skull or one of his clones is still on the loose and up to no good. Border incursions from Iranistan have put the Orangistan Army on hight alert. Peace keepers, contractors, the Media, dinosaurs, grey aliens and a marked increase in sunspot activity… as life goes on for the Mujhadeen.
more on this later...


Omer Golan said...

Sounds like a very cool game!

Anyhow, how did you build the shacks? They look great! :D

mwowm said...

with bits and pieces.
took tooth picks and cut to 20mmish lengths. poked through irregularly cut card board base in an irregular fashion.
cut up strips and squares out of a corrugated box and one that resembled slats. glue, repeat.
next will the slurry of gesso, white glue, and clear acrylic. (my secret ingredient.)