Saturday, October 02, 2010


Got the USE ME rules in the mail today 14 days after ordering, every link of the overseas media mail chain seems to werk

They appear very usable, with the exception of no suppression or morale. I'll probably just use a variation of the Star Grunt suppression system, with attempt to remove suppression an action roll vs Elan rating.

noticed some typos, wanted to notate them somewhere so why not here.

Pg 10-11 Penetration - In the example Tom has a -1 (INF vs Hvy Veh)
Then at the bottom of pg10 it says Tom adds his +1 to each penetration result.
On pg 11 Tom gets a 6 so he could not have had a -1, so where did the +2 come from that gave Tom his +1?

Pg 11 Weapons- minimum range - " and is stated above in brackets."
No it isn't.

Pg 18 Character Points - In the example an INF character is pointed out "for a total of 18 points per character." but then says "a cost of 8 x 5 = 40 per squad of five"

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The Barking Editor said...


Thanks for the notification of the typo's. No product is perfect.

I am assembling a file of these and also optional expansion rules for USE ME.

I value feedback a lot.

Checkout the Barking Irons blog for more on USE ME.


Gavin Syme
(Author USE ME)