Wednesday, August 05, 2009

HiSTORiCON 2009 Red Skull -vs- the Haunted Tank

here are some shots in order from the game we ran at Historicon 2009 the RED SKuLL -vs- The Haunted Tank.
a write up is forthcoming... stay tuned

-Late 1944 NW of Bavarian redoubt
The Americans are closing in on the Red Skull. They have already captured the giant robot factory as well as the science team responsible. Therefore the American Objectives are to Destroy the Giant Robot and kill the Red Skull. The Red Skull wants to activate the Giant Robot, exit it off his board edge and kill allies. Soviets have ventured into the American Zone covertly to steal the Giant Robot and exit it off their board edge. They know that the Americans probably won’t shoot at them if they don’t shoot first. They also know that there has been ufo activity in the area and are on the lookout for any Alien captives or bodies. The Grey Aliens want to capture any/all Human command squad members. There are also Heer that begin the game guarding the Giant Robot and Industrial Zone. more later

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