Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ariana and the sisterhood

Here we have Ariana and the sisterhood allies to the Red Skull. I painted just enough so in AK47 terms you have a General Stand -w- Bodyguard -and- enough foot troops for a Professional Unit with the requisite 4 RPGs. Sorry for the bad pics as usual.
First up Arianna and her staff
She is an Old Glory 15mm superhero and they are Peter Pig They were painted using a red wash over bare metal for the base coat. Next 3 Rebel Minis and a Martin Metals Civilians/staff from Rebel Minis and a token male Liaison from GZG the red dress is also the red wash over bare metal. Some GZG Ladies PeterPig female Hardened Milita more Peter Pig As an added bonus some Rebel Mini scourge painted -w- the red wash over bare metal.

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