Monday, June 13, 2011

late update

yea so I ran my game at the CON. I made the mistake of NOT saying mature audiences so it was listed as 15+ OK. Which i figured would be fine. However i wasn't counting on a parent bringing a less than 15 yr old as if he was going to play with him, then wandering off not to return, or the other "parent" that brought a 15+ and his little brother then proceeded to read a news paper. The adults that had played in previous games i've run with tickets walked away before the game started not wanting to play vs children, but leaving a few empty spots. I can't blame them. Luckily i had the game set up as 3 - one on one games so we were able to carry on.
RE the USE ME rules all of the kids picked them up fast and by turn 3 were going at it with little prompting.
I will never run another game without clearly stating ADULT THEMES MATURE AUDIENCES. I was seriously appalled at the "father" that abandoned his child at my table, and the jingoist rhetoric that freely spewed from his mouth. just vomiting back his parents and the TVs ignorance " everyone not toting the party line or protesting is a terrorist. " He settled down after I pointed out that George Washington and the rest of our founding fathers were considered Terrorists by the British Crown, and advising that such talk would NOT be tolerated at my table. It was nice to see the 15+ yr old hand him his ass since he underestimated the determined Militia of the Workers Union, and rolled poorly at critical times.
I didn't take any pics, however here are some pics from when GPT and I got in 5 games on e weekend.

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Astranagant said...

I'm sorry I couldn't make that one, but by that time I moved to the West Coast. It's a pity that you had to run a game for children that didn't appreciate your game world.

Were you running any Iranistan, Orangistan, or Mujhadeen forces? Or was it a brand new force of insurgents and freedom fighters?