Saturday, January 15, 2011

delayed pics various etc

So here are some pics from my phone, i've been remiss on updating many irons in many fires a few of the fires still lit, a couple have gone out. FIRST UP a couple from a Legend of the High Seas game everything painted etc by Dave. Here is a USE ME game put on by Den Various things I painted or based or finished in a spurt of activity NEXT we have two USE ME games Dave put on LASTLY fortress generica in progress and a view of the madness that is my werk area. So there you have it next up Octopods and possibly some pics from Holiday Village 2010, which looks a lot like Holiday Village 2009. In the werks are 15mm hammers slammers combat cars and blower tanks. GZG not-aliens, more UN Earth Force Marines. Gearing up for my Cold Wars USE ME game " Mars 2021 "

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