Sunday, July 11, 2010

memorial day weekend AK47 campaign continues

The Islamic Republic of Mwowm -VS- the "Benevolent" Dictatorship of GPT I'll update it once I get the "Benevolent" Dictator's name from GPT. Any who we played games 3 and 4 in our "campaign" and still are all tied up 2 and 2. Neither of us seems to be able to win whilst attacking. I had a prime chance, but missed it, GPT did not point it out until it was too late. WTF is up w that? So I belive the "Benevolent" Dictatorship is going to drop the "Benevolent" part since Khalif Mwowm's uprising continues to be a thorn in their side. here are some pics benevolent dictator professional unit warlord uprising militia unit A -w- General benevolent dictator militia warlord uprising regular unit mixes it up with armored cars and technicals warlord uprising militia unit B holding objective.

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