Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aeronef Starter Fleets

Here are my starter pack fleet for Aeronef. First up the Japanese Yakumo Heavy Cruiser Class 2 Akshi Light Cruiser Class 3 3x Nagatsaki Destroyer Class 4 2x Mikasa PartolNef Class 2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Followed by the USA

Maryland Cruiser Class 2
2x Brooklyn Destroyer Class 4 2x Decatur Frigate Class 5

2x Saginaw Frigate Class 5


Donogh said...

Very nice - I have the Japanese starter pack sitting on a shelf, so I may have to use this as a painting guide (and motivation!)

mwowm said...

i "adapted" my ideas from DarkTraveler777
on the Brigade Models forum.

Tony said...

Both painted fleets are looking great. A nice paint finish. Thank you for posting them.


Yuber Okami said...

Very beautiful! Specially the last american nef, with both turrets pointing at the same target.

Donogh said...

Thanks for that link - I love the idea of painting a snippet of the national flag on the base!

Tas said...

Very nice indeed! i love your Japanese Nefs in particular.

I made made a link foryou at my blog too, so more Neffers can enjoy your good work!

yours in a white wine sauce!

Boggler said...

Very nice. I haven't washed my aeronefs but yours look really good so I may just give it a try.

Good stuff!

Boggler said...

Very nice. Good washing technique, it really brings out the detail.

Anonymous said...